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About Shaft Mouldings

Shaft Technical Mouldings was established in 1978 by Howard Stasin, a graduate Mechanical Engineer. Howard initially began the business in small shared premises never realizing the speed at which the company would grow. The company started offering a wide range of moulding services from Thermoplastic injection moulding, Thermoset rubber mouldings and Silicone rubber moulding and extrusion. Within a couple of years it was necessary to move due to the expansion and the company relocated to their present premises in Ottery.

Plastic Injection Moulds

The new premises allowed enough room for Shaft Technical Mouldings to build their own cleanroom facility thereafter the company applied for FD&A rating. Shaft Technical Mouldings were one of the first companies in South Africa to achieve this rating and with pride have maintained it since 7 July 2003.

Howard Stasin as the design and development department within Shaft Technical Mouldings has assisted many large businesses in the designing of specialty valves and components. These parts are shipped throughout the world thereby making the name of Shaft Technical Mouldings an internationally recognized company.

Shaft Technical Mouldings has established themselves as a leading edge design and development Company,and we pride ourselves on service excellence.